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Preferred Beauty Solutions: Beauty Training

Preferred Beauty Solutions offers the BEST Eyelash Extension training in the industry. All products used are from Canada’s newest company BELLA LASH.  Only the finest eyelash extension courses and products are offered through PREFERRED BEAUTY SOLUTIONS offering products from BELLA LASH.  Preferred Beauty Solutions offers nothing but the best Quality Products which are exclusive to our Preferred Beauty Solutions eyelash technicians. To be the best, you need to use the best.  Discover a superb quality of training offered with eyelash extensions courses and volume courses through Preferred Beauty Solutions.  This will allow you to provide a new way for your clients to notice their lashes with the industry’s leading eyelash company – BELLA LASH. Preferred Beauty Solutions is Atlantic Canada’s most respected company and is rated #1 among your peers and clients.

Other courses provided by Preferred Beauty Solutions Semi-Permanent Mascara & Lash Lift Course, The revolutionary VOLUME Eyelash Extensions with all lashes from BELLA LASH Certified Technicians. Preferred Beauty Solutions also offers the industry’s most sought after course: MICROBLADING AND NANO BROW.  All courses are taught in a highly motivating way that you’re estheticians will want to come back for more courses. At Preferred Beauty Solutions we teach the best techniques, solutions and sales guides that are not like any other course given in the Atlantic Provinces. Our Instructors are highly trained, certified and offer the best education, problem solving and forthcoming new techniques to help our Lash Technicians become the BEST in their field. Preferred Beauty Solutions offers a 100% money back guarantee on all our courses*.

Preferred Beauty Solutions: Beauty Products

Preferred Beauty Solutions offers BELLA LASH collection of the Best Grade A PREMIUM Lash Extensions. The trays of Eyelash Extensions provide a Natural Look for the client and the Eyelash Extensions are placed one by one by a Preferred Beauty Solutions – Certified Lash Technician. Individual premium lashes come in a variety of thickness and lengths to provide the Best Eyelash Extension and look to compliments your client’s eye. All BELLA LASH products are FDA & Health Canada Approved.. Preferred Beauty Solutions offers Eyelash Extensions courses which will assure that Preferred Beauty Solutions Lash Technician’s will stand out from other lash stylists from the training and Bella Lash products. All eyelash extension products are 100% safe for your eyes. The Adhesive is #1 Medical Grade – Formaldehyde free, gluten free and is the most durable in the industry providing the best results. Preferred Beauty Solutions offers a variety of other courses aligning with the hottest industry trends. Preferred Beauty Solutions understands you only have one chance to impress your client so why not do it right the first time.

Eyelash extension products are fully guaranteed and the different looks provided in all training and one on one continued support will allow you to understand the different lash type, lash style and desired look your client is searching for. Preferred Beauty Solutions takes pride in offering the eyelash extensions products provided by BELLA LASH and will continue to ensure our lash technicians are provided the utmost continued service from Preferred Beauty Solutions. Preferred Beauty Solutions has amazing products offered by BELLA LASH.

Preferred Beauty Solutions: Other Services

Preferred Beauty Solutions offers the latest technology in microblading and nano brow.  Make an investment and provide the best solutions in the beauty industry.  To learn more about each and more products, please contact me.

Preferred Beauty Solutions is your expert beauty solutions and training provider for Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John, Halifax, Charlottetown and the rest of Atlantic Canada.

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